28th of December 2019 is the Day of National Mourning in the Republic of Kazakhstan
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Course of basic military training

210 students of comprehensive schools of Turksib District together with teachers of basic military training went to training ground of airmobile forces to complete a course of basic military training in the field.

During 5 days children will get general idea not only about defense technology and bases of battle actions, but also they will get acquainted with the basic moments of the army daily routine in conditions of barracks and tents. And teachers will help them to fit in with the strict mode of army life during this short period of time.

Now schoolchildren should be stick to hard and fast rules of army during 5 days. According to organizers of this event, even mobile phones have been withdrawn from children, they will not be necessary these days.

Chief of Turksib District Education Department M. Buzaubekov, chief of Turksib District Defense Department R. Isaev, Deputy Akim of Turksib District I. Adil, vice-chairman of Turksib District affiliate of Nur Otan People’s Democratic Party M.Tazhibaev, representatives of Turksib District Akimat, headmasters of schools took part in the solemn send off ceremony.